A little bit of nostalgia

Do you remember the good old days when the neighborhood streets in the afternoons and on weekends were reigned by children playing, cheering and laughing?

What has happened to our suburbia in recent years? There are hardly any kids playing outdoors nor neighbors connecting with each other as it was the norm in the past. There are many successful neighborhood projects which aim to reverse the trend…

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  1. Sudhir 3 years ago

    yes I remember the days where children very active, boisterous, running around happily and playing games outside. There are normal behaviours of children.Sadly, today children are more interested in the smartphones and laptops than mixing with other children. They have become wired like robots and seem to lack empathy, communication skills and critical thinking. Fitness levels have also dropped among kids today compared to kids in the past. Some nations like France have already banned the smartphone from schools until the child is 12. I think that is a great idea. I saw a recent documentary where in Germany, childdren were only allowed to bring smartphones to school when they reach 11 years of age.They are supposed to play outside and communicate and have fun with other children their age in the normal boisterous manner children are supposed to behave.

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